Cafe Juanita sits on Juanita Creek in the Juanita neighborhood of Kirkland, Wa.  The house itself has served as a restaurant for over 30 years.  In Winter and Spring of 2015 after 15 years in the original space Chef and Owner Holly Smith renovated the restaurant home updating and refreshing the building as well as opening up to the public two areas that had previously been under used or not accessible.

The architectural design team led by Joe Herrin of Heliotrope Architects captured the mid century feel of the home and revitalized the entrance and lighting for the entire property.  The Winery, an adjacent space was captured and is now seamlessly connected to the main dining room, available for private dining or when not reserved as an additional dining room.  The space is intimate, quiet and has a terrarium like feel that guests love. The patio which had little to no use in the past is now open for casual patio dining or a leisurely glass of wine.  This outdoor space shows some of the best the property has to offer.  The patio is nestled into the lush yard next to the creek and feels secluded, private and special.  Join us nightly before or after your reservations or simply pop in for dinner on the patio. The revitalization has made property and house one.

Local artists and craftspeople helped bring the highest quality to the interiors and details. A year after re-opening a storm took down our beloved and tremendous maple tree that towered over the house and property. In mid 2018 after a year of curing the wood salvaged after that loss of our maple from the property, we welcomed all new tables made from our lost tree.    We greatly thank Meyer Wells for their craftmanship and care in creating our dining tables. 

We feel fortunate to count our home as a member of the Cafe Juanita team.  The surrounding gardens yield herbs and flowers while providing a lovely backdrop to the experience we strive for nightly.  We look forward to seeing you in our home.