Cafe Juanita strives to use organic and sustainable products throughout our menu. We are happy to modify dishes for dietary restrictions, please advise when making reservations. We offer vegan, dairy free and vegetarian menus weekly. 

*menu subject to daily changes




Cucumber Bond: Kettle One Botanical cucumber mint vodka, Lillet, dry vermouth,

with fennel cured salmon roe, herb butter, crostini   16.*


Kentucky Nut: Bulleit 10-year bourbon, Frangelico, Ramos Pinto 10-yr, lime,

with Perigord black truffle crostini   17.


Sorelle Bronca extra brut prosecco,

with 30 month aged Parmigiano-Reggiano   16.


Rye Smile: Rye whisky, Fernet, nocino liqueur, sweet vermouth 

with foie gras bombolino, orange sea salt   15.  




Tanara Giancarlo Prosciutto di Parma, Langhirano, aged 30 month   25.*


Foie Gras, pineapple, whey, candied ginger, cacao nibs      28.


Yellowtail crudo, avocado, toasted almond, colatura shallot   18.*


 Veal sweetbreads, crisp capers, Ligurian olive oil, parsley   19.


Octopus, smoked bone marrow, chickpea, salsa verde   18.


Alaskan spot prawns, King crab, octopus, cuttlefish ink oyster maionese   30.





Hearts of escarole, blue di capra Rognoni, caramelized apple, “saor’ vinaigrette 14.


Citrus, smoked goat “tomini elettrici”, rye, mint  15.

Belgian endive; roasted, raw, banget vert, egg yolk, hearth crumb 13.






   Zuppa della sera - mp


Tajarin, sage butter   15. 


Tajarin, White Sturgeon caviar   30.*


Squid ink tagliolini, Alaskan Spot prawns,

octopus sugo, controne pepper    22. / 36.


Risotto mantecato, 30-month Parmigiano-Reggiano,

Marsala reduction   20. / 34.


Ravioli della sera - mp



Guinea fowl, Savoy capunet, red currant sauce 38.*


Pesce della sera - mp


A5 Miyazaki Wagyu New York, potato ripene, cipollini agro dolce, Perigord black truffle sauce 115.

Rabbit braised in Arneis, porcini, pancetta, gnocchi alla Romana, herbs   38.


Anderson Valley lamb rack ‘Scottadita’, charred broccolini, anchovy walnut salsa picante, hedgehog mushrooms   45.*


Veal chop, Brussels sprouts, pickled hon shimeji, roasted hedgehog mushrooms, shio koji, Marsala   75*




Butter poached potatoes, potato crema, crisp herbs   13.

  Cauliflower, pine nut crema, cumin, chili, lime    13.


Iberico de Bellota lardo 11.

Roasted local baby carrots, miso butter, toasted yeast    12.