Our Staff

Cafe Juanita is a family - an extended family of staff and purveyors committed to quality, integrity and service. We invite you to our home to enjoy the food and wine that excites us. Holly feels fortunate to be surrounded by talented and passionate professionals, who strive to create an authentic dinner experience.


Chef de cuisine: Lauren Thompson
Sous Chef: David Solis
Chefs de partie: Geneva Melby, Rob Orlando, Vlasios Trapalis  Cooks: Rogelio Alcaraz, Cristina Nunez, Sara Bernardini
Pastry Chef:  Junko Mine
Pastry Assistant: Crista Favati
Pastaioli: Crista Favati

Dining Room
General Manager/Wine Director: David Chou
Host:  Rena Riekena

Servers: Kristen McAuley, Molly Ringe, Linda Wright, Alisha Chou, Dan Haff, Ryan Garrett, Amish Patel
Server Assistants: Oscar Galvan, Alex Ventura, Olga Carrera