* items subject to daily changes

Vanilla bean panna cotta, Sulla honey, vanilla sea salt   11. 


White chocolate cremeaux, chiffon, dehydrated fraise chocolate mousse, rhubarb 13.


Caramelized passionfruit bombolino, coconut, bittersweet chocolate   13.


Chocolate truffle tortino, mint gelato, huckleberry, cacao nib croccante  14. 


 Piccolo pasticceria: Daily cookie plate selection   12.


Junko’s hand crafted chocolates, daily selection   16.


Herkimer espresso affogato  11.


Sorbetti misti   9.


Gelati misti   10.


Poco Carretto gelati and sorbetti pints for take away   14.


Pastry Chef/Bread Baker: Junko Mine
Pastry Assistant: Monica Hoffberg3